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SixPak - The Perfect Springboard?

Tuesday April 25, 2000 - 5:45 AM EST - By James Hromadka


During the first quarter of 2000 Innogear will release the SixPak Combo Card, the first "combo card" for the Handspring Visor. The SixPak Combo Card Springboard module will have almost everything that a Visor user could want. SixPak fits perfectly inside the Visor, with only the LED light jutting above the top of the Visor. SixPak will include the following:

  • Standard Modem - V.90 phone modem connects at up to 56Kbps to phone lines without
    the need of any dongle. Faxes can also be sent directly using the modem.

  • Cellular Modem - External expansion port allows a data connection with Cellular phones while on the road

  • Voice Recorder w/ Speaker - Records and plays back voice messaged over an integrated speaker

  • Vibrating Alarm - Silent alert (vibratory) allows for alarms in situations where beeps are inappropriate

  • Flashing LED Alarm - Visual alert flashes red or green through the integrated HotSync & record/playback button

  • 8MB Flash Memory - Allows for OEM developer bundles, program storage and data backup.

This could be the "killer Springboard" that people have been waiting for. Final pricing has not been set, but the SixPak should be less than $200.

The SixPak will not require any additional batteries. The cellular modem supports AMPS and Multimode Digital-based mobile phones. Initially the Motorola StarTAC and MicroTAC phones will be supported, but other mobile phones will be added down the line as new cables are made. The Voice Recorder is used by pressing a button on the SixPak or using the softare on the Visor. You speak into the Visorís microphone. Depending on the quality setting, you can record from 1-3 hours of speech! The 8MB Flash that comes with the SixPak can be used to store voice recordings and Visor data.

All this at a cost that will be less than $200!

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