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My-Vox Voice Recorder HS1
Monday December 18, 2000 - 12:28 PM EST - By Tom Balkos


We now have the ability to use our Handspring PDAs as voice recorders! I've wanted this feature from day one and now it's possible. I was impressed with how easy the software for the My-Vox was to use. Right from the first installation, I understood what each function was and how to set up preferences.

But, there are two problems with this module that I consider large. The lack of a rewind doesn't pose a problem with short recordings, however, I don't like the idea of having to listen to a long recording (imagine a 7 minute recording!) all over again because I want to repeat the last 10 seconds. The second problem is the inability to listen to recordings while in another application. I love the idea of having a voice recorder attached to my Visor, however if I make a recording, I would like to be able to write down information from that recording in my memo pad or datebook.

Considering the features of this module, along with the two deficiencies mentioned, I am not sure the $69.99 price tag is acceptable. This could be a very productive module in the future, if the two problems are corrected.



Features 3
Ease of Use 5
Set-up 5
Benefit/Cost 2
(not an average)
- Easy to use
- Clear layout of software
- Finally, a voice recorder!
- No rewind
- Can't use another application while listening
- Price

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My-Vox Voice Recorder HS1

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Product Details
Name: My-Vox Voice Recorder HS1
Company: Shinei Technologies

Price: $69.95

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