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Hagiwara 16MB Flash Module
Tuesday February 27, 2001 - 11:21 AM EST - By Scott Hanselman

The Box you receiveAh, the constant struggle for more. More power, more storage, and for me, more memory in my Visor. 8 Megs? It's just not enough for the power user. Heck, I need 2 megs just for Noah Lite, an English Dictionary. Another Meg for TrueTerm, a French->English dictionary! Then add in 20 or so 16-bit color photos in the HandSpring Color Photo Album, and a dozen or so AvantGo offline web channels, it starts to look downright cramped. If I even consider installing the Color version of ZioGolf and AstraWare's 16-bit Color ZAP2016 and all the TileSets for MahJongg, then suddenly I have to start thinking about juggling files. I don't even dare think about installing TealMovie or ActiveSky videos!

We've looked at solutions like the CF (CompactFlash) Adapter from MatchBookDrive as a way to expand the memory of your Visor. The CF Adapter, and adapters like it, look like Disk Drives to your Visor. They introduce the notion of file management to your PDA. Some people dig this idea, while others just want to expand the memory of their Visor, and have it look like one big pile of RAM. Well, Flash Adapters come close to doing this, closer than the CF Solution, but there are a few caveats.

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Product Details
Name: Hagiwara 16MB Flash Module
Company: Hagiwara Sys-Com

Price: $139.00

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