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Color Possibility?

Thursday October 28, 1999 - 6:54 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Battery Usage

Battery Usage

This is probably the most important thing that Palm and Handspring has to get right before adding color. Palm OS users have become accustomed to having their batteries last a month or more. Palm and Handspring have to find a way to get their color organizers to come pretty close to this. Expect to see the Lithium Ion battery in color organizers.

Color Palm OS screenshot from PalmStation

Picture courtesy of PalmStation.

Operating System Changes

The core Palm OS programs - Mail, Address Book, Date Book, Memo, and To Do List - have not changed much since the first Pilot came out. These programs would obviously have to change to fully utilize color. Here are some screenshots from Palm OS 3.5, the first version to utilize color. One can only hope that the programs themselves have utilized color this nicely. Hopefully Palm Computing will add some advanced text editing capabilities like multiple fonts (bold, italic, underline) into the operating system. Third-Party programs will also need to be written to take advantage of the new operating system. Early versions of Palm OS 3.5 were made available to attendees at PalmSource 99, so there should be plenty of lead time for companies to write color-enabled applications.

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