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James at HAL-PC

Saturday August 12, 2000 - 11:10 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Let's get along

While I bought the Visor mostly because of the expandability it offers through the Springboard slot, by no means do I think it is “the-be-all-end-all” of handhelds.  There is plenty of room in the handheld market for multiple players and multiple types of organizers.  Like the 2MB Visor, the Palm m100 seems like a great way for entry-level users to enter the handheld market.  Wireless users have an option with the Palm VII, while the Visor Deluxe is appealing to a very broad layer of the market because of its cost and its potential.  The Palm V with its thin design is almost a work of art.  There’s even the TRGPro for users that want to use compact flash for storage.  And the beauty of all of these organizers is that they can all interact seamlessly with one another.  When I switched to the Visor, all I did was install the software and HotSynced to get all my old data onto it.

One thing that concerns me is that I see a divide forming amongst Palm and Visor users.  We’re all on the same ship – the walls are just painted differently on each side.  The tips that you give each other here will almost universally work whether you use a Palm or a Visor.  I know that my Palm III was one of the best purchases I ever made, and I feel no differently about my Visor Deluxe.

Thanks so much for your time, and for providing me with the opportunity to speak with you about this exciting market.  Make sure you stop by and see what new developments are springing up for the Handspring Visor.  Thank you.

Thanks to Miles Lott for the Eyemodule picture.

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>Let's get along

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