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FlashPlus and FAFileMover 1.4.2
Sunday July 1, 2001 - 10:19 PM EST - By Scott Hanselman

Conclusion and The Future!

The FlashPlus is a great improvement for fans of the FAFileMover software. Although it doesn't include a complete suite of applications like Backup and Movie & Picture Viewers, it does include CSpotRun, a DOC File Reader that reads directly from a CF Card.

The FlashPlus module is set apart from the MemPlug which sticks out the back of the Visor ~2mm and the edge of the CF Card sticks out the top of the MemPlug. The FlashPlus fits completely flush with the back of a Visor, and the CompactFlash Card sits completely within the Adapter.

The other exciting possibility is that Kopsis is said to be working on VFS support that will allow the FlashPlus adapter to use almost any application that contains VFS support to access information directly from the CompactFlash card. VFS stands for Virtual File System, and is the system the Palm OS 4.0 uses to read and write to an external memory card. VFS support should work on the Visor Deluxe and Visor Solo running Palm OS 3.1, even though they are running a version of the Palm OS earlier than version 4.0. As long as an application does not use any other OS 4.0 features, FAFileMover will work with it, once the Kopsis VFS add-on software is released. There have been a number of third-party software programs announce that will support VFS, including BackupBuddyVFS from Blue Nomad.

The FlashPlus is a solid addition to the InnoPocket family of CompactFlash Adapters. It's upgradeable, and the latest FAFileMover 1.4.2 offers VAST speed improvements over previous versions. Plus, if VFS from Kopsis delivers on it's promise, the FlashPlus will put the HandSpring Visor in the same league as OS 4.0 organizers such as the Palm m500 and m505, and the Sony Clie.



Design 4
Usefulness 5
Usability 4
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
- Virtually unlimited storage!
- Flash Updateable! Support for the future
- Works fast for large databases
- Choice of Max Speed versus Power Consumption
- No Software "AutoMover" yet
- Databases limited in size to Pilot Memory
- No Backup or Picture Viewer included

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FlashPlus and FAFileMover 1.4.2
Speed Improvements
>Conclusion and The Future!

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Product Details
Name: FlashPlus and FAFileMover 1.4.2
Company: Innopocket

Price: $49.99

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