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Thursday February 22, 2001 - 12:01 AM EST - By James Hromadka

Eyemod2 app

Timer settingsEyemod2 is the main application that you be using with the em2. This 78K application remains on the Visor after you remove the em2 so you can still view photos. If you have the original eyemodule, you will find that the em2's software is almost exactly the same. When you insert the em2 into the Visor, a short splash screen appears and then a live window of what your em2 can see. Inside the Eyemod2 application, you can also get to the viewfinder by taping the far left button.

You will also see a clock button that lets you set a timer for taking pictures. Forget about that expensive photographer at your next wedding or family reunion! :)

Watch Sabrina do her thingThe second button is for recording movies. The eyemodule2 adds the capability to record very, very short movies that are converted into .MOV and .IDO files when you HotSync. By default, the maximum record time is five "seconds." I used quotes around the word seconds because although Eyemod2 said my test movie was five seconds, it was actually only 3.25 seconds according to my clock and QuickTime.

Image InfoMovies are also very large, both on the Visor and on the desktop. A clip of our cat Sabrina was 1 MB on the Visor and a 1.97 MB .MOV file on the desktop! I'm assuming that there is zero compression done, as a silent 160x120 movie that is just over three seconds should not be almost 2 MB in size.

Click here to see Sabrina in action (2 MB). Click here if you need QuickTime.

Movie playback on the Visor had the standard playback options, including repeat and pause. Because of the size of movies, I doubt you will be keeping them on your Visor for long.

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Product Details
Name: eyemodule2
Company: Blocks Products
Weight: 1.1 oz.
Color: Yes (16-bit)
Hard Cover Compatible: No
Price: $199.00

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