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Report from Internet World

Thursday October 7, 1999 - 6:54 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson& Mike Cane

Even more Springboards

Symbol Technologies demonstrated a vary compact Springboard barcode scanner.

What to is its uses? You decide. The bundled program simply writes the scanned UPC number on the screen, but custom software can make the product much more versatile. A wireless radio modem will eventually be squeezed into the same Springboard. No price has yet been determined.


Mike: The InfoMitt Springboard Pager will only function when it is *inside* the Visor. It does not contain its own power source. When I mentioned to Innogearís Chief Engineer that people wanted it to work outside the unit, he said with -- warranted! -- exasperation, "Itís just a $49 pager!" (I donít understand why the Paging Fanatics just donít keep their regular pager. But then, I am prejudiced against pagers, cellphones, and still cannot see why I would want or need Bluetooth!) Then Marcus, Innogearís Chief Engineer, nearly caused me to pass out in response to my non-serious comment about the "Six Pack." I said that he should have tried to get the MP3 player into it too -- and he replied that he had actually thought about doing just that! Bob Fullerton, Innogearís CEO & President, would have told me about some of their upcoming products, but he caught himself when he realized he was talking to the person who had just spread word of their "Six Pack" all over the web! I expect Innogear to create Springboard modules that will inspire lust in us.

Marcus: While the Infomitt pager is quite inexpensive, the inability of it to receive pages while outside the Visor limits itís practical functionality. A tiny battery inside it and a light on the top (to blink for new pages) would make it a better product.

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