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Report from Internet World

Thursday October 7, 1999 - 6:54 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson& Mike Cane

Voice Recorders

While the Visor comes with a built in microphone, it is not accessible by the Visor itself. The microphone can only be accessed through a pair of connectors inside the Springboard slot - leaving various Springboards to take advantage of the microphone.

My-VOX and Sycom Recorder are two similar digital voice recorder and playback modules. Both products save the recorded sound onto their own memory banks - My-VOX comes with 2MB of memory (eight minutes of voice recording). I am not sure what the memory is inside the Sycom module. The Sycom unit can be used outside of the Visor, recording notes using an Instant Record button. Both units features a tiny speaker that can be used as an alarm in addition to voice playback.

Marcus: Both ImagiWorks and Datastick Systems demonstrated their sensor based Springboard systems during Internet World. While both products are quite similar, they seem to be suited for separate markets. ImagiWorks targets themselves to consumers, K-12 schools and Universities, while Datastick is more of a laboratory tool. Both modules features various inputs (Datastick has six analog inputs, ImagiWorks has both analog and digital inputs) for integration with either bundled, 3rd party, or home built sensors.

Mike: The next edition of their Reader will support graphics! In fact, they intend to publish books on Springboard modules that will contain graphics. Depending on the graphic, it will either be inline or scrollable -- and when it is scrollable, there will be a Zoom Out feature for an overall view, and tapping on a location will Zoom In to that area. Note that all materials published on Springboard modules by Peanut Press cannot be copied or moved into the Visor internal RAM. Not only that, there is no way to print them out, either (probably not a problem for those who are already used to "Palm reading.")

Mike: They have published electronic books for the two dedicated reader machines out there and are now moving into VisorLand. Their Springboard modules will be 2-megs worth of collections of Classics from authors such as Shakespeare, Jack London, Plato, H.G. Wells, and others. They have licensed AportisDoc as their ebook reader program. In addition, they are moving into publishing original manuscripts (interested authors should contact [email protected]).

Marcus: The classic titles will sell for $19.95.

Marcus: Franklin Covey will sell three books per Springboard module, with an estimated price of $39.

Marcus: America’s most respected dictionary will soon be available in Springboard format. Pocket Webster from LandWare is a complete dictionary with over 60,000 definition, and provides instant access to spellings, meanings, and usage from any application. Available Q1 00 for $29-$39.

Marcus: "Lonely Planet City Sync Travel Guides" is the long title of an electronic travel guide developed by Concept Kitchen. Each City Sync city is divided into ten main categories - Basic, Safety, Go, Do, See, Eat, Shop, Sleep, Nightlife, and maps.

Downloadable version will be available in November, Springboard modules during first quarter of 2000. The software will sell for less than $20 per city. Initial cities will include: San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Paris, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

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