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InnoGear Comdex Interview

Saturday November 18, 2000 - 12:50 AM EST - By James Hromadka


Hromadka: Ok great. One of the big announcements coming from you this week was the InnoDrive - the first one being the InnoDrive/MS, which I can see you holding right now. Tell us a little about the InnoDrive and what you see are your design goals for this product.

Eisenbach: Yes, we're now starting our family of InnoDrive products, starting with the memory stick version. It's going to be a family of products, which allows you to extend your memory on your Visor, using it for backups and other applications. We're teaming up with Sony for the memory stick because it's a pretty exciting market right now in the handheld space. It will not only allow you to expand your memory it will also allow you to view pictures that you took with a Sony camera or other products. 

Also, as seen here at Comdex, Sony has something they call application stick, which is the same format as the memory stick but it will actually be modules like a camera or GPS, similar to what's available now for the springboard just in the memory stick form factor. And that gives us a nice opportunity to bring that also to the visor. Just imagine a camera the size of a memory stick plugged into your visor!

Hromadka: So will these devices like the digital camera I saw, that actually plugged into the top of a Clié and it had a little round canister-like thing at the top that let you take a picture - could you conceivably use that camera inside the InnoDrive and take pictures using that?

Eisenbach: that's definitely what we're planning for from the design. We're comfortable with it at the moment already. Right now we're talking with Sony to get the protocol and all the software specifications that we need for that. But yes, that's definitely something we're going for.

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