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Viva Las Vegas!

Wednesday November 22, 2000 - 12:20 AM EST - By James Hromadka


The Palm hummer

My Continental flight had to wait about 20 minutes because of other planes taking off, but no biggie -- Marcus' flight wouldn't be getting to Vegas until an hour after mine, so a slight delay didn't bother me. I read AvantGo and tried out Pocket Express to pass the time. The only annoying thing was that all I got was a muffin and a drink for a 3 hour flight. At least there were some episodes of Happy Days and The Odd Couple to watch.

Oh well. The flight was smooth, I got to see the Grand Canyon, and only had to wait 10 minutes for Marcus' SWA flight to get in.

About this time I tried my Omnisky module. If you remember from some of my news items, I was having trouble getting Omnisky Mail to work with my mail server. We believe the problem is a slow link on our end, so until that gets fixed I've been using ThinAirApps' Mail program in the interim.

Well Omnisky didn't work at all the entire time I was in Vegas. Since Marcus was using his laptop to get online at the hotel, I used his laptop (which isn't much faster than a Visor:-)) to get online when we were at the hotel.

Holding the GameFaceWe had some interviews Wednesday, so we hurried (aka walked) over to the Las Vegas Convention Center. We had some great discussions with AirPrime and Handspring. I got to see the VisorPhone in action and played with the GameFace. We also found out that the upcoming Prism version of the GameFace will have a silver face plate (matches the Prism's buttons) and cobalt blue controls. I like those colors much better than the normal GameFace.

That night, we went out with one of the developers to a party at Bally's. Marcus had the great idea of walking, so we took about a 30 minute walk from the Riviera to Bally's. When we finally got there, we chatted with the developer and went walking around the nearby area. It was a great time. We made some great contacts, and nobody got arrested for... flipping people out.:-)

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