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Viva Las Vegas!

Wednesday November 22, 2000 - 12:20 AM EST - By James Hromadka


Possible Memory SticksComdex was winding down, so Marcus went to the Sands Convention Center for the Linux part of Comdex while I checked out the Memory Stick Pavilion and some of the possible application sticks that could conceivably run on the InnoDrive/MS. You can bet I'll be bugging InnoGear about getting all the functionality they can out of this module. I saw working prototypes of a digital camera and a fingerprint identifier. I also browsed the rest of the show. There weren't many freebies being handed out, but I did manage to get a pack of Ask Jeeves playing cards.:-)

I also played with the floating*point stylus that is coming soon from Landware. I only tried it out for a little bit, but it could replace my custom stylus simply for the fact that I won't have to worry about others pressing to hard on my delicate screen.

Kodak was rather cagey about a digital camera module. I'll keep that in the "maybe" column for now.

Hilton at street levelFriday I also transcribed the InnoGear interview I did and posted it online. If there is one thing that isn't fun in this job, it's transcribing interviews. Hopefully the Targus Total Recall or other voice recorder module can let us start doing audio interviews for you. That or I need a secretary.:-)

Friday evening was fun night for Marcus and myself. We wanted to go see Jay Leno, but his show was sold out, so we went to the Tower and did the Space Shot, which shoots you up at 4 G's then free falls to give the illusion of weightlessness. As we were already ~1000 ft high, you can imagine how wild this ride is.

Hilton from the TowerThere was also a mini roller coaster, but after the Space Shot it was a let down. I have here pictures of the Hilton sign from street level and from the top of the Tower. That tiny red light on the right is the Hilton sign!

We then headed to Fremont Street and walked through all of the sights downtown. The overhead screen was pretty amazing. Every hour they play some music with video across the length and width of the entire street.

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