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VisorCentral Awards 2001 - Day 11

Monday October 8, 2001 - 8:29 PM EST - By VisorCentral Staff

Software Module of the Year, Location Module of the Year

With the introduction of color, Palm OS applications started growing larger in size, becoming a problem for users with limited RAM. Although the Visor is now available in a 16 MB model, sometimes users don't want to have to carry large applications in precious RAM. With the advent of the Springboard slot, large or little-used applications could be released that were stored on a Springboard module and not in the Visor's memory.

Pocket RecipesWinner: Pocket Recipes by Pocket Express

Pocket Recipes allows users to have over 2500 recipes at their fingertips. These recipes are stored on the module itself, leaving room on the Visor for user-created recipes. Plus, you can quickly create shopping lists for the next trip to the store.

Hromadka: My wife really got a kick out of this module. Between this and the coolness of the Visor Neo, I may get her a Visor yet. The only thing missing is a more intuitive desktop application and Mac compatibility.

Honorable Mention: Entertainment Pack by Pocket Express

The classics never go away. Saving nearly 300 KB in memory, users can play Tetris, BlackJack, Lode Runner, PokerDice, PocketChess, and Solitaire all on one module. This is a great module to throw (gently) into the Visor when going on a long trip.

"Honey, where are we?" That is a question that is seldom asked with today's global positioning technology. Now you can never be lost again, whether on the road or on foot, when you have a GPS Springboard module in your Visor.

GPS CompanionWinner: GPS Companion by Magellan

The GPS Companion has the benefit of being made by Magellan, a name synonymous with GPS technology. With high quality maps and NMEA compatibility that allows users to have a choice of mapping software, the GPS Companion is a solid Springboard module that does not dissapoint

Hromadka: Although it is not the prettiest module, the GPS Companion makes up for it with accuracy and a clean interface. The Map Companion software has good search capabilities and has a very attractive price.

Honorable Mention: HandyGPS Pro by Nexian

Nexian went back to the drawing board after the release of the dissapointing HandyGPS module and has addressed concerns with battery life and acquisition. The HandyGPS Pro also supports NMEA and comes with either UbiGo or StreetFinder mapping software.

Springboard Module of the Year, Visor of the Year >>

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