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VisorCentral Awards 2001 - Day 11

Monday October 8, 2001 - 8:29 PM EST - By VisorCentral Staff

Springboard Module of the Year, Visor of the Year

The Handspring Visor's Springboard slot is what differentiates it from any other handheld in the industry. Other Palm-compatibles now have expansion of some kind, but it was the Springboard slot that brought unlimited possibilities to the world of Palm. The Springboard module of the year utilizes that potential to make the Visor even more remarkable than ever thought possible.

VisorPhoneWinner: VisorPhone by Handspring

Convergence. It is one of those buzzwords bandied around by pundits who are clamoring for a PDA with cellular capabilities. The smartphone is the Next Big Thing in the computer world. Microsoft, Palm, and Handspring are all working on handheld computers that have a built-in cell phone. How fitting that Handspring was able to give users a taste of the future with its VisorPhone, a Springboard module that gives the Visor an integrated GSM cellular phone and data modem.

Although its size has not given it the market acceptance that it deserves, the VisorPhone is a truly remarkable product that gives us a glimpse at what a smartphone should be -- intelligent. The VisorPhone has one of the most intuitive interfaces ever in a phone, and the ability to browse the web by using the included Blazer web browser makes the VisorPhone even better.

Hromadka: What strikes me most about the VisorPhone is the sheer convenience of its data modem. When I was at Möbius 2001, one of the attendees had a VisorPhone that he was using to check the college football scores with while we were waiting for a bus. Even one of the Microsoft people said that the VisorPhone was great!

Honorable Mention: Presenter-to-Go by Margi Systems

There will come a day when laptops are no longer needed for business trips. The Presenter-To-Go Springboard module makes it possible to give all of your presentations using the Visor. This module was very popular at demonstrations during this year's VisorAdventure, and why not? Seeing is believing. You do not need that laptop anymore (unless it is James' TiBook).

Last year's winner: MiniJam

The only constant in life is change. To rest on its laurels after releasing a product would be suicide for a company. As such, since its inception Handspring has released several new handheld models each year. But which one is the best?

Visor PrismWinner: Visor Prism

Palm managed to release a color handheld before Handspring, but the clarity and impact of color just was not there. Handspring was the first to release a color Palm device that was "done right." The Visor Prism, with its beautiful 16-bit vibrant color, is a real joy to use. With adeqate battery life and an attractive blue cobalt casing, the Visor Prism is the most visible of Handspring's handheld line.

Hromadka: I don't know the product map of Handspring, but the company coud not go wrong with improving upon the excellent design of the Visor Prism. This is the handheld that I use every day, even after trying out competing handhelds from Compaq and HP.

There is no Honorable Mention for this particular category

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